I went as Molly to Fan Expo in Toronto this past Friday! :)


I cosplayed Molly at a Sherlock meet-up at DragonCon this year. I had such a blast, met some lovely people, and reconnected with some great people from last year’s meet-up!


Wanted so hard to take a photo like this Molly Hooper one from Sherlock season 3… so hey, I tried and failed because Loo is too cute and the light too different but whatever (of course the bg in my photo is edited!).

Anonymous asked: Hey! Awesome blog! Do you know of the brown ballet flats/ shoes Molly wears all the time? Or some exactly the same?

They’re brown brogue shoes! The exact match isn’t known, but you can easily find those kind of shoes at Primark for a good price.


Sorting out my wardrobe. I may have one or two of Louise Brealey’s outfits from Sherlock that were taking up some room…

- C


Me as Molly Hooper (from April’s Romics con), because I can’t wait to cosplay her again! C:

If you’re still looking for Molly’s lovely Empty Hearse coat, Hobbs has it back in stock and on sale right now!

Check it out :)


Bay Area Sherlock Con (4/?)

Because with Sherlock and John together, Molly and Mary decide to get together ♡♡♡


I heard there’s a wedding to attend with littlebookkitten and seelingcat.


From July 6th to now.

Quick comparison, because look at the progress. I’ve finished the cosplay. I can now say that I’ve done a full cosplay of a character, and that is a very nice feeling indeed.