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From July 6th to now.

Quick comparison, because look at the progress. I’ve finished the cosplay. I can now say that I’ve done a full cosplay of a character, and that is a very nice feeling indeed. 


Sooo… here’s my Molly Hooper in The Empty Hearse (first version) pics featuring the new cardigan - click on them to full view yes, in the last I’m Sherlock-ing! C: I think it’s fair to say that the blouse is photoshopped (here is the preview where it’s white - I didn’t have a single flower blouse to wear :C)! By the way… what do you think about it? :3


Today I dressed up again as Molly for a while because I was excited for the new SA cardigan :3 tomorrow I’ll put up some better pics, this is only a sneak peak of the first The Empty Hearse version! (no flower blouse though because I don’t own a single flower blouse, not even in a different colour and I want one ugh)


My cardigan came in, and I wanted to see how it looked on. It was supposed to be a small picture test, but I couldn’t resist throwing in the cap.


We’ve also already stated it on our Facebook page, but we’ll say it here as well for good measure.

Do not buy from bebecosplay on eBay, as they are a blatant reseller. They buy things cheap and sell them on for sky high prices. Which is unfair, as they deny people who actually want that item to get it for a fair price.

These items are frequently found on eBay anyway, so be patient and buy your items from other sellers. It’ll be worth it, as it is far more beneficial for your wallet.

Plus, if we boycott people like this, we’ll effectively root out the “unfair reseller” problem.

Thank you for your understanding!

~ Marina

An Exhaustive Guide to Molly Hooper Cosplay


Molly Hooper has had a lot of different looks  in her time on BBC Sherlock. There are many Cosplay possibilities. Here is a list, with reference, of all of the possible outfits. I’ve listed IDs the clothes when possible (thanks to mollyhoopercosplay and ladiesofsherlockfashion) or any possible known alts. Anything else I’ve tried to give as detailed a description on as possible.

Anything listed as not available (which is just about everything ID’d) I suggest you do searches on eBay or other auction sites. Sometimes you’ll turn up stuff. The links provided will lead to the place I found the original ID.

Anything labelled as generic you can literally get away with anything that vaguely looks like what’s on screen.

Anything labelled as unseen we will never know what Molly was wearing. Just use your best judgement.

If you have any corrections / additions, please contact me.

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ALT: The Empty Hearse & His Last Vow

Women’s Floral Printed Blouse in Blue Ditsy Floral ($26.94)

ALT: The Reichenbach Fall & The Empty Hearse 

H&M Cotton Blouse in Cerise/Floral (£7.99 / $9.95



Today I had to dress up for a video, so I made a few other shoots. This is my casual The Reichenbach Fall Molly! I’ve also improved the make up by following a video tutorial on YouTube… whatcha think C: (click on the pics to full view - the quality’s not the best though)?